If what you are hunting has small parts like screws and washers, take a Ziploc baggy with you too. This will make sure you don’t lose them somewhere in the junkyard!

1989 ford thunderbird Septic/sewer smells — If there are drains in the floor, shower, sink, etc. that don’t see much use, try pouring water into them to fill the drain traps (these can dry out when they’re not used, which allows sewer gas to enter the house).

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Businesses offering cash for cars operate in almost every major city in the US. They are especially numerous in port cities because they have access to local shipping yards that go all over the world.

I say this because it’s the first thing that I always get asked to do, and it’s the last thing that is possible for us to do. The short sweet explanation is this; we have to tare the entire car apart to do an estimate, and by then the work has already begun.

These items are mostly junk and can be found mostly in junkyards. But relax, we do not want you to go on a junkyard hunting trip! There are dealers who sell junk and scrap too.

The amount you will be paid is going to vary significantly from yard to yard. Be sure to get quotes from several to ensure that you are getting a fair price. Keep in mind that you will not be given the same value for the car that you would get if you were selling it in drivable condition.